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A John Smith/Joan Redfern community

A place for fans of John Smith/Joan Redfern
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This is a community dedicated to the relationship between John Smith and Joan Redfern from the updated series "Doctor Who." This a place to submit your artwork, fanfiction, fanvideos, and just discuss the bond between this extraordinary couple. Let's all have some fun and share the love!

1. No flaming of other users and no personal attacks. Violators will be removed from the community. This a place to have fun and share some love for these characters and their relationship. Disagreements with an opinion are allowed, but do so in a respectable manner.

2. NO SHIP WARS! There has been a huge problem lately concerning this. Guys, remember that this a TV show. It's not real. Everyone is entitled to what they like and who they like. Any character bashing will not be tolerated. You will get one warning: don't waste it.

3. LJ-CUTS are required for: lengthy posts, fanfiction, adults-only material, fanmixes, fanvideos, screencaps and large picture posts, and icon posts.

4. If you are posting a fanvideo or fanmix, please FRIENDS-LOCK the post before submitting it.

5. When posting fics please include: Rating, summary, and the story behind a cut. Icon posts can include up to 3 preview icons. More than 3 must be placed under a cut.

6. Please post material only related to the characters of John Smith and/or Joan Redfern. But I will be flexible concerning anything that includes the Doctor and/or other character within any material that is posted. Still, you must have John Smith or Joan Redfern included somewhere in your material.

7. Please do not promote another site or community without contacting a maintainer first. If you want to promote a site, please e-mail me.

8. If you are going to share files (i.e. video, audio, etc.) in your post, please FRIENDS-LOCK the post for security and safety purposes.

9. Please try and TAG your posts so things can be organized and include a SUBJECT in your entry as well. Let's try to make things as painless as possible.

10. Last but not least, have fun!
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