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Torchwood/Dr Who - fic - The Torchwood Girls, Part 14, Jack, Joan, OFCs, Nine, Rose, 15/R

Fandoms – Torchwood/Dr Who/Pat Barker’s Regeneration
Title - The Torchwood Girls, Part 14
Author - laurab1
Characters/pairings – Jack/Siegfried Sassoon, Joan Redfern, OFCs, Nine/Rose/Jack/TARDIS
Other real people - Dr W H R Rivers, Robert Graves, Wilfred Owen
Rating – 15/R, and vaguely RPS-y
Length – 1488 words
Spoilers – TW: general series, DW: to 3.11-13
Summary – In his head, Jack can hear and feel the broken young men in the hospital react to their terrible experiences. Which hurts like hell, of course. Especially right now, at night, when all the demons come out of their hiding places.
Disclaimer: alas, not all of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

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Yes, he’s always falling in love with soldiers and war heroes; men, women, a Time Lord and numerous other aliens. Jack knows this... it’s allowed him to know a hell of a lot of very interesting, often very good people. And one of them making a statement, and consequently being made an example of, that’s something else entirely.
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