September 29th, 2007

TARDIS outside big
  • laurab1

Torchwood/Doctor Who - fic & art - The Torchwood Girls, part 2, Jack, Joan, Tim Latimer, 12

Title - The Torchwood Girls
Author - laurab1
Characters/Pairings – Jack, Joan Redfern, Tim Latimer, OCs, Nine/Rose/Jack
Rating – 12 (minor, non-explicit sexual content)
Length – 941 words
Spoilers – TW: general series, DW: 1.9-13, 2.2, 3.8/9 and 3.11-13
Summary – What on Earth has she just committed herself to? Some sort of military organisation, with responsibility for life that is not of this planet?
Disclaimer: alas, none of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

Thanks to _medley_ for art advice, when I was threatening my PSP7 with a pointy stick :)

Part 1

With Joan busy, Jack takes charge of the hall. Mentioning Torchwood silences some of the police and army.