June 29th, 2007

hamlet alas poor yorick

A quick "thank you"

Hello new members! I wanted to quickly thank those of you who took the time to post your fantastic artwork and fanvideos here in this community. It means a lot to me. I must not forget to thank brontide for allowing me to use one of her gorgeous icons for this community too.

Second, I also want to know if there are any questions or concerns you have about the rules and if I should be more specific about them. I don't want anyone to be confused. So if you have something to ask, please let me know. Finally, thank you to all of you who have joined so far! Let's try and get the word out about this community. Oh, and I would also like to give a shout out to the community tenmarthajack, a place for all of your Ten/Martha/Jack needs. It is also looking for more members, so go check it out! ;)