June 26th, 2007

The Personal Writings of John Smith - a fic

Hello! I hadn't heard about this comm, but phantomviola stopped by my LJ and made a wonderful comment on one of my fics - and she mentioned that I should post it here. So here I am. ;) I come bearing John/Joan fic.

Title: The Personal Writings of John Smith
Characters: Joan/John/Ten/Martha
Rating: All ages
Content: Drama, angst, romance.

SPOILERS: Human Nature and Family of Blood.

Disclaimer - Not mine. Wish they were. Such is life. Just let me play in the sandbox and I'm content. Unfortunately, no money is made by me on such things.

Summary: Another journal is found. This one is filled with hope and excitement for the adventure ahead.

I only pray that future generations find both books together or, that if not, that they might find me a brilliantly creative author of adventure and fantasy rather than the truth of the troubling and horrifying nightmares which plague my rest and sleep.