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Torchwood/Doctor Who - fic - The Torchwood Girls, completed, 15/R

Fandoms – Torchwood/Dr Who/Pat Barker’s Regeneration
Title - The Torchwood Girls, Parts 1 to 20 and an epilogue
Author - laurab1
Characters - Jack, TARDIS, Ten (as John Smith and the Doctor), Martha, The Family of Blood, Joan Redfern, Tim Latimer, Nine, Rose, Harriet Derbyshire, Tommy Brockless, Toshiko Sato, OMCs, OFCs
Real people - Dr WHR Rivers, Siegfried Sassoon, Rupert Graves
Rating – 15/R (language, war, traumatic character death, PTSD/neurasthenia, semi-explicit m/f, m/m/f and m/m sex)
Length of whole story – approx 36,200 words
Length of Part 20 and epilogue - approx 4340 words
Spoilers – TW: to 2.12 Fragments, DW: to 3.13 Last of The Time Lords
Story summary - While Jack Harkness and millions of others serve in WWI, and suffer the consequences of doing so, Joan Redfern, Harriet Derbyshire and some more very smart women save the world from aliens.
Chapter summary – From November 1918, there is loss, followed by re-birth.
Disclaimer - alas, not all of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

Here we are, then. 36,200 words later, the pre war, war time and post war narrative of The Torchwood Girls is finished. Thank you very much for sticking with me, Jack, the boys and the girls, over the year it's taken me to write this.

If you want to start at the beginning, follow this link:

In the autumn of 1913, Captain Jack Harkness is alone in the Torchwood Cardiff Hub, with all his fifty-first century senses wide open, when he receives a telepathic message.


Attempting to draw what he’s received, from his mind’s eye, Jack ends up with a lot of circles and lines. Shapes he last saw thirty one years ago, on Post-It notes, haphazardly stuck all over the TARDIS console.

If you want to read Part 20 and the epilogue, follow this link:

It’s November the 22nd, 1918, early Friday morning. No-one else is in, yet. Jack’s trying to distract himself from the thought that tomorrow is the anniversary of his being admitted to Craiglockhart, and is actually doing some paperwork for once.
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