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Torchwood/Dr Who - fic - The Torchwood Girls, Part 19/20, Jack/OMC, Joan, Harriet, OFCs, 15/R

Fandoms – Torchwood/Dr Who/Pat Barker’s Regeneration
Title - The Torchwood Girls, Part 19/20
Author - laurab1
Characters/pairings – Jack/Peter (OMC), Joan Redfern, Harriet Derbyshire, OFCs, Dr WHR Rivers
Rating – 15/R (semi-explicit m/m sex)
Length – approx 2120 words
Spoilers – TW: general series, 2.3 To The Last Man, 2.7 Dead Man Walking, DW: to 3.11-13
Story summary - While Jack Harkness serves in WWI, and suffers the consequences of doing so, Joan Redfern and some more very smart women save the world from aliens.
Chapter summary – The Captain goes home to his brave women.
Disclaimer - alas, not all of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

Previous parts listed with the new one, over here - A few days after the Tommy incident, it’s once again Joan’s turn to make the trip to Scotland. She’s so pleased to find Jack considerably happier than he was. His nightmares are only really traumatic about every other night, now, too.
Tags: fanfic, joan redfern

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